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With more people working in technology jobs in the south east of England than in the whole of California, there seems to be no stopping the growing digital economy.

Businesses need to encourage all their staff to “think digital” and not just rely on the youngsters to innovate.

Learning digital skills such as coding, making apps and web design can help build teams, change mindsets and promote a problem solving culture within organisations. This will enable businesses to take advantage of new opportunities in the growing digital economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?
This is open to teams of five individuals from any business organisation.

Can one organisation have more than one team?
Yes, if you want to involve ten individuals you can send two teams but please be aware we have limited spaces.

I only have three people in my business who can attend, can I team up with another business?
Yes, as long as there is a nominated team leader you can enter a mixed team.

I have a team of five but they all can't attend on the same day.
No problem! If there is space on another day the individuals can transfer.

I have never written computer code before, do I have to be a techie?
Absolutely not! As long as you have an interest in technology and an interest in developing your digital mindset, you should be able to take part in the challenge. If you can use a computer, open and save documents and browse the internet you should be capable of doing the challenge.

My son/daughter is learning computing and coding at school - will this help me to understand what they are doing?
Absolutely! Children are being taught digital skills but parents have missed out. This gives you the opportunity to not only develop your own business skills but it will also help you to help your child.

If I build a web app what happens to it?
Each team can work on one web app or each team can produce five versions of the web app. It’s entirely up to you.

Who owns the app when it has been produced?
This is a business challenge and the main aim is to develop your digital skills, your digital mind set and your digital understanding of business opportunities. We will do this by using open source technologies and having fun. In answer to the question, no one will own the app, the code and IP will be free to the world.

I am very busy at work but would love to take on the challenge. What is involved in the training?
One day face to face training. Online video support. You need to spend time with your team adding content. This job can be divided up between the team members. All files will need to be sent to us by the appropriate deadline – you have up to a month to submit your code. It will then be hosted for the duration of the challenge.

How much does it cost to enter?
It costs £400 per person.

What equipment do I need?
A laptop (mac or windows), not a tablet. The laptop should be one that you have permission to download: a programme called Sublime Text and Google Chrome. If you are unable to download these programmes you can use your default browser (Internet Explorer) and your default text editor (Notepad).

What happens next?
Form a team and nominate a leader. Register on the website and choose dates for the training. Please note we only have space for 10 teams and the training dates will be spread over a three month period to fit in with business needs. We will have a celebration evening on the 7th of May showcasing what has been produced.

Codex did a fantastic job of engaging with staff and making a difficult topic enjoyable. Feedback was fantastic, so much so that we ran repeat courses. As businesses consider how to be part of the digital revolution – Codex provide an effective and enjoyable way of challenging staff to think digitally

- Jason Laity - KPMG -

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